Seic S.L.

Engineering and Capital Solutions is a company located in Catalunya that offers a tailored service for every client, taking care of all aspects of project development, engineering, construction, and help in the search for the best financial solution.

SEiC S.L.’s Team

SEiC’s team works together with the client to obtain the best solution for every necesity offering the following servicese:

– We analyze, revise, and propose the best global solutions for every client.

– We find efficient solutions to the needs of every company, focusing on financial savings, process optimisation and maximisation of results.

– We prepare, revise and negotiate documentation for projects and infrastructures.

– We establish agreements between companies, taking into accound consulting, financing, insurance and deposits.


What we offer

1  Solutions and improvements to various problems, such a:

  • Production:

Maximising productivity, reliability and working life of machinery

Reducing production costs

Installing machinery, processes and automation

  • Safety:

Process and machinery safety, CE marking, automation and protection.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Enviroment:

Reduction of waste and residue. Following laws and guidelines.

Solutions in factories

2  Industrial maintenance management

  •  Prevention
  • Prediction
  • Correction
  • Holistic maintenance management

Financing solutions

3   Industrial project financing